1. 2025
    Bird Sanctuary

  2. All Brutes, Heave!
    Slenko & McKeys

  3. Living Inside The Dome
    Francis McKeys

  4. Dead Bodies On Everest
    Dead Bodies On Everest

  5. Blast Furnace
    Blast Furnace

  6. Eternal Midnight
    Francis McKeys

  7. More Back Roads
    Slenko & Hyde

  8. Sombres Revenants

  9. Two Channels and a Choir of Angels
    Slenko & McKeys

  10. Apparitions (Louder Than Whatever Shit You Listen To)
    Slenko & McKeys

  11. Royal Blue Days
    C. M. Slenko

  12. The Days, they are so broken
    Lone Wolf

  13. Moonlight Veneration
    C. M. Slenko

  14. Rented Rooms
    C. M. Slenko

  15. The Angel Will Walk This Earth Within... the Truth In A Pack Of Lies.
    Francis McKeys

  16. Trebuchet
    Ted Willow and Henry Hyde

  17. Black Diamond Express To Hell, Pt. VII
    Glass Men

  18. Back Roads
    Slenko & Hyde

  19. The Genetics of Folk Music
    Galápagos Finches

  20. Antler Velvet Narratives
    C. M. Slenko

  21. Matador EP
    Slenko, Hyde & McKeys

  22. A Portrait of the American Spirit

  23. Recreational Burials

  24. The Second Book of Revelation
    C. M. Slenko

  25. The Robert Redhouse EP
    Robert Redhouse

  26. This is a Picture of Me in a Thousand Words.
    Francis McKeys & Charles Slenko

  27. Paul's Last Waltz
    Henry Hyde

  28. It Says Here...
    Charlie Slenko

  29. A Vision
    Francis McKeys & Charlie Slenko

  30. An Articulated Process
    Francis McKeys

  31. Minor Outlying Islands
    Galápagos Finches

  32. V/CMS Split EP

  33. Ghost Fights
    Strange Creatures of the Night

  34. Obsessive Death
    Lone Wolf

  35. Follow Dash Yellow
    Lone Wolf

  36. "Open Highways"
    The Open Highways

  37. The Space Between The Stars
    C. M. Slenko

  38. Classic Sessions
    Lone Wolf

  39. "When the moon shines through see the web that gleams like pearls... that's the spider's tonic."
    Trucks Go By


Sioux Trails Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

pennsylvanian music.

lo-fi, diy, loud+soft.

physical copies available by request.
slenko & mckeys would love to play in yr basement.

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