Two Channels and a Choir of Angels

by Slenko & McKeys

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One of two lost Slenko & McKeys albums unearthed for Net Label Day 2016. Listen loud for best results.


released July 14, 2016

"Two Channels and a Choir of Angels is one of two lost albums that were released by Sioux Trails Records for Net Label Day, and finds the pair making music that is noisy and lo-fi and wonderfully their own. Opener ‘I’ is a blown-out speaker jam, buried at the bottom of a murky barrel of lo-fi distortion. The track breaks the eight minute barrier, eventually gathering into a rollicking rock & roll song, smudged beyond recognition.

Five seconds into ‘II’ it becomes apparent that the whole album is going to follow a similar pattern, music intended to destroy your eardrums or your neighbours’ mental health. Fittingly, the Sioux Trails Records Bandcamp page recommends you 'listen loud for best results,' and it’s clear that the sheer physical nature of its vibrations is almost as important as how your brain makes sense of them as sound.

And there really is no let-up. The album rumbles and clatters, occasionally ripping with these big bluesy guitar licks. The discordant squall of ‘IV’ coughs and splutters and rattles across its six minute run-time, before the fifth and final track (which is actually the most reserved cut on the album) brings ramshackle percussion and reverberating guitar. The final 15 seconds lurch in a completely different direction, a choir of perhaps-heavenly voices, but after the bruising that you ears have been through, and with the creepy sepia-tinged gazes on the album art, it sounds as ominous as a 3am phonecall."

- Wake The Deaf




Sioux Trails Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

pennsylvanian music.

lo-fi, diy, loud+soft.

physical copies available by request.
slenko & mckeys would love to play in yr basement.

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