Living Inside The Dome

by Francis McKeys

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(A message to the listener)
To speak to the spirits is an understatement, knowledge from worlds non-existent in modern day, released from dreams & promises. Here is an album distinguished to provide a clear vision of what is to become of what we call "Earth." Listen carefully, for you will hear the calls of angels guiding us back to the stars above, wrenching us out of this terrible experiment we call life.
- Francis McKeys


"The score to Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man is, in my estimation, one of the best things Neil Young has ever done, so the new Living Inside the Dome release from local guitarist Francis McKeys is right up my alley. Strings bend and ring out as fretting fingers navigate open tunings, while an overdrive pedal ads a roar and accelerates the feedback and drone, turning what could be twangy folk compositions in other circumstances into something more cerebral and foreboding."
- The Key, XPN

"Living Inside The Dome seems to be the story of environmental collapse and slow-creeping apocalypse told with an electric guitar and an amp. i'd venture that this is classic 'guitar soli', just a version that is less noted than the acoustic finger style stuff that phrase generally makes you think of. this is taking a guitar and wrenching from it scenes of destruction, feelings of loss and despair, moments of ecstasy. musically, this is a celebration of a lone guitar, philosophically, i think it is a funeral song for the earth. i hope it is premature."
- The Modern Folk Music of America


released April 6, 2017




Sioux Trails Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvanian music.

Lo-fi, DIY, loud+soft.

Physical copies available by request.


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